How It Works

Northacre Renewable Energy will utilise an Advanced Thermal Treatment (ATT) technology known as gasification. The gasification process uses a feedstock of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) and other locally sourced commercial and industrial waste streams to produce the right mix for the proposed gasification process.

Northacre Renewable Energy will generate up to 25.50 megawatts of power, in the form of electricity and possible heat. Around 4 megawatts will be used by the facility itself, a further 2 megawatts by the adjacent Northacre RRC and the remainder exported to either local users or to the National Grid.

It is hoped that Northacre Renewable Energy will also be able to provide electricity and possibly heat to other businesses on the Northacre Industrial Park using private underground connection.

The site will be a net exporter of electricity to the National Grid, with the exact amount dependent on the energy and heat plans that are developed, but it is anticipated that there will be at least enough electricity to power approximately 46,220 homes, making a significant contribution to the production of local electricity from renewable energy sources.

Turning Wiltshire’s fuel into local energy

Northacre Resource Recovery Centre located next door to Northacre Renewable Energy, turns Wiltshire’s municipal solid waste in to a high calorific fuel known as Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). Currently the SRF is transported by road to port and shipped to energy facilities located in Europe because there is not a local viable solution available.

Northacre Renewable Energy will help fill the gap in the local renewable energy market and enable locally produced fuel and other suitable waste streams to be used to generate local energy which supports the concept of regional energy security.

The SRF made at the existing Northacre Resource Recovery Centre will be transferred internally between the two facilities. This has two advantages: it will avoid the need to transport the locally-made SRF anywhere by road; and it will ensure that the SRF is used to generate power locally too. Want to know more?