About Northacre Renewable Energy

Northacre Renewable Energy is a company formed by The Hills Group working with investment partners.
The Hills Group has been serving Wiltshire’s community for over 118 years when it first started as a family business, Since then, Hills has grown to become one of Wiltshire’s biggest employers with over 650 staff.

Our proposal

We are proposing to develop an advanced thermal treatment facility located in the Northacre Industrial Park in Westbury, alongside industrial developments, including Hills’ existing Northacre Resource Recovery Centre.

The facility will provide a sustainable, long term solution for non-recyclable waste by using it to generate renewable energy. It will keep Wiltshire’s waste in Wiltshire, reduce the amount that tax payers and businesses currently spend on transporting non-recyclable waste around the UK and Europe, and will reduce the amount of the region’s waste currently going to landfill.

Revised application

Planning permission was initially granted in April 2015. Since then we have revised the application to include the latest high efficiency technology and this has been submitted to Wiltshire Council. The designs of the advanced thermal treatment facility have been carefully considered to minimise impacts of this facility upon local residents. The revised plans also reflect the Strategic Planning Committee’s views from a previous application earlier in 2018 to include reducing the height of the facility and changing the cladding to minimise both landscape and visual impact.

The benefits

The facility will create energy, provide employment, reduce the cost to tax payers and businesses, reduce vehicle emissions and create a sustainable solution for Wiltshire’s waste.