How much additional traffic will the facility generate?

All of the residual waste that would be treated at the Northacre facility is already being transported by road within Wiltshire and the wider area. The development of the Northacre facility would affect the pattern of travel of that waste.

We estimate that the plant will generate a net contribution of around 53 HGV net movements (lorries entering and leaving the plant) per working day when both the deliveries to the Northacre facility and the savings on HGV traffic on the highway made when material outputs from adjacent waste treatment plant directed to the Northacre Facility are considered . This compares to a net contribution of circa 42 HGV net movements per working day under the previous proposal, approved in 2019. Whilst there is an increase in throughput tonnage and HGV numbers, the comparison of daily traffic flows shows no significant changes arising from the development, with the increases in general traffic on local roads all well below 1% and specifically less than 0.1% on the A350. Such changes in traffic levels are imperceptible.