Is it better for the environment to put the waste in to landfill rather than incinerating it?

The Committee on Climate Change (“CCC”) Technical Report (May 2019) states: “Additional private sector investment is required in alternative waste disposal facilities – AD [anaerobic digestion], MBT [mechanical biological treatment] and incineration to deal with waste diverted from landfill. There are risks of offshoring waste if this doesn’t happen.”

The Committee on Climate Change’s Sixth Carbon Budget Report published in December 2020 evidences the waste industry’s current contribution to overall greenhouse gas emissions is 6% – of which 60% of those emissions are from landfill.

Our mission is simple, we need to do more to prevent non-recyclable commercial and industrial  residual waste going to landfill and the Northacre facility is part of the solution available now which will help to achieve this, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 58,000 tonnes per annum.